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The Laboratory - PAINTING IN STONE

Making a Pietra Dura LARGE PANEL


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Hard & Semi-Precious Stones


We use the same stone materials from Tuscany that have been utilised since the Medici’s time. Now with the corners of the world more accessible than ever, We delight in scouring the globe for new materials, from Malakite from Madagascar to Lapiz Lazuli from Afghanistan to make our products. All elements are carefully sourced specifically for the project at hand.

The laboratory, located in the old first residence of the Pitti Family is where our master artisans select, cut and create all our Pietra Dura creations.


The Laboratory


The fundamental element to our art is stone. We collect stone from all over the Planet, just as the painter uses pigments for colouring his canvas, we use the natural colours and textures of the stone to create our artwork. We are painting with stone.



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