Pietra Dura Stone Inlay Florence, Italy

The almost-forgotten RENAISSANCE art OF

Pietra Dura

The semi-precious stone mosaic


Our history begins with family.


Pitti Mosaici is one of the few remaining family businesses in Florence who are masters of the Pietra Dura inlay. 


When you buy a Pietra Dura mosaic, you buy a piece of history.

The art of Pietra Dura began with the Medici family of Florence. Commissioning increasingly complex forms of stoneworks for their palaces and properties, stoneworkers were forced to break new boundaries of ability in the Florentine Renaissance in making mosaic work. Intricately hand carving semi-precious stones to achieve painterly, colourful works of art, we continue this tradition over 500 years that is uniquely the Florentine mosaic, or 'Pietra Dura'.

Image: Medici Chapel, Florence, Italy



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